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BODY Indulgence

Signature Treatments | BODY Indulgence


Thermal CocoonDuration

A detox ritual to eliminate toxins and improves sluggish circulation. This treatment commences with a slimming massage on area of concern, followed by a detoxifying and mineralizing Amazon Clay with blue Spirulina seaweed mask and ends with a thermal heat wrap. A perfect complementing treat with weight loss and slimming program.

Benefits :

  • Detoxifies the body and reduces water retention
  • Increases metabolism and expedites slimming result
  • Remineralizes and revitalizes the skin
  • Reduces tiredness and boosts energy level
50 mins
Detox MassageDuration

This gentle yet effective massage speeds up lymphatic drainage, improves detoxification and filtration processes, reduces swelling and stagnated fluid in the body and boosts immunity.

Benefits :

  • Stimulates fluid exchange and reduces water retention
  • Increases metabolism and speeds up slimming effects
  • Reduces tiredness and achiness and increases energy level
60 mins


Remineralizing PolishDuration

An aromatic Amazon Sand polish combined with Spirulina extracts replenishes the skin with essential oligominerals while gently exfoliates the dead cells, leaving the skin silky smooth with a lingering aroma.

Benefits :

  • Purifies and remineralizes the skin
  • Smoothens skin texture and improves skin radiance
  • Increases absorption and efficacy of treatment products
30 mins


Acoustic Cellulite BusterDuration

A treatment targeted to soften hard cellulite and fat deposits using Acoustic Wave Therapy combined with detox massage on area of concern, to further lighten cellulite appearance, reduce fat and enhance treatment efficacy.

Benefits :

  • Softens hard fat and stubborn cellulite
  • Increases waste elimination and metabolism
  • Improves lymphatic flow and detoxification
  • Reduces water retention
30 mins

VelaSculpt uses ELOS technology combining Radiofrequency, Infrared and unique suction energy to deliver high impact on cellulite, while detoxifying and shaping the area rendering inch loss and smoother skin.

Benefits :

  • Reduces cellulite and toxin build up
  • Tightens and firms skin
  • Strengthens connective tissues and promotes collagen regeneration
  • Increases tissue fluid exchange
35 mins